October 22, 2021

Cooking class: L'Atelier des sens

Name of the teacher / cook: Lionel Sandler
Duration of cooking lessons : 2 hours, plus the meal
Price of cooking lessons : 65 ?
Address: 40 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
Website: www.atelier-des-sens.com
What is the theme of the workshop of the Atelier des sens?
At each lesson his subject. The theme of the meeting I attended was aubergine around a complete menu: starter, main course and dessert.
What is the philosophy of these courses?
The kitchen must be friendly and accessible. No real prior experience is required, all vocabulary and technique are explained. The chef even delivers his tips. It was more a "discovery" workshop than a "technical" one.
How is each course?
A dozen students are gathered around the chef in a large kitchen. This is a classic participatory class, in which the leader makes examples and then finishes the preparation by a group of students, while explaining the next workshop.
In addition, I said that we were 13 students for this course which was a bit "fair". In my opinion, these courses would be more suitable for 8-10 people.
Have you tasted your achievements? Did you like them?
The end of the course ends with a large table with all participants who take the opportunity to participate in an express course of training plates. And dessert particularly pleased me!
Do you think you can do again what you have learned?
Yes, the recipes are simple and accessible. They do not require complicated tools. I am thinking of trying dessert variants.
Did you appreciate the teacher's pedagogy?
A greedy child hides in the body of an old gentleman who has spent more than 35 years behind the stove. Very communicative, he shares his passion for taste while sharing his cooking anecdotes.
The ingredients were they of quality?
What tools were available to you?
We were treated to higher-grade instruments, like Global Knives knives (I have the same ones at home, and I guarantee they are good).
In which context is the course taking place?
Spacious and well arranged, the kitchen benefited in addition to a mixed light (artificial and natural).

By Mikaël Bardy

La Pop Up Kitchen® de L'Atelier des Sens, atelier de cuisine mobile (October 2021)