September 25, 2021

Croissant, chocolate bread ...: make homemade pastries, is it easy or not?

The Viennese baguette of my childhood
Buy in advance nuggets from chocolate of quality and the ingredients you will need, whatever the recipe: flour, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, baker's yeast and a little salt. After preparation of the dough, count well 2 hours of rest.

The butter croissant: not easy, easy ...
There are several types of recipes depending on your cooking abilities and what you have available. Bakers usually use a dough risen (which contains yeast), but you can very well add it yourself to the preparation. If the secret of the croissant is in the butter, it is also in the dough. It must be sufficiently prepared and have time to get up.

The simplest: raisin bread
Good news, it is also the least caloric. On the other hand, it is necessary to prepare the dough of the breads the grapes the day before so that she could rest a whole night. Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, yeast, salt and grapes for the rest, you are ready to fall back to childhood!

Chocolate bread for the sloths
Not everyone is an expert on pasta or cooking in general, it is possible to buy a very good dough flaked in the trade and use it to make his breads the chocolate House. Cut out the dough puff and slide in a delicious piece of chocolate black or milk according to your tastes, roll, bake and if you wish, brush with egg yolk to obtain a golden color ...

Easy, 30 Minute Chocolate Croissants Recipe - How to Make Croissants with Store-bought Puff Pastry (September 2021)