December 10, 2019

Danger: skinny pants, enemies of our health

Launched by Hedi Slimane and relayed by Kate Moss and cons, the fashion of trousers skinny put the whole world at his feet. Yet many do not look very favorably at this cult trend. If for some, the problem is simply aesthetic (the low waist not glamorous when the can and the buttocks protrude, thighs that seem to double in volume), for others, it falls squarely medical.

For if it was already known that slim jeans could cause urinary tract infections because of their ultra tight cut, an American doctor raises another problem today: nerve endings that could be damaged in the long term in the legs. Interviewed by the Daily Mail, Dr. Karen Boyle stated that pants skinny could lead totingling symptoms, numbness and pain in the thighsThis disorder would come from the nerves that get stuck in the thigh when it is too tight in the garment.

Worse, wearing high heels would accentuate the harm. Indeed, the inclination of the pelvis would increase the pressure on the nerves that would get stuck. The doctor also pointed out the detrimental effect of this kind of pants overweight people, who would be even more sensitive to this problem. On the side of men, slims jeans would reduce the number of sperm squarely.

Long-term problems
According to Dr. Boyle, ignoring the pain for too long could cause permanent nerve damage.

What has to be done
Of course, stopping wearing slims is the most appropriate solution. Nevertheless, the most refractory can always alternate between a trousers wide or a dress and their trousers Darling. If the pain persists, go to see your doctor.

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