February 22, 2020

Demi Moore, her secret beauty for firm and tonic arms

A slimming cream, ok, but a slimming cream for the arms, is it possible? In any case, the darling of these ladies lately. His name: Arm Sculpt Rodial. Demi Moore just admitted that she used it daily, but she is not the only fan of this treatment: Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie or Eva Longoria, they all confessed their love for this product!



Arm Sculpt's double-action formula firms up and re-arms your arms: goodbye bat arms, hello well-sculpted and firm biceps! While multi-fruit acids and Lipocare burn fat and smooth out the arms, caffeine and co-enzimes sculpt.

We love its light texture that instantly penetrates and its subtle fragrance. Should we believe it? The scientific results are visible if applied twice a day for a month.

Arm Sculpt of Rodial: 75,65? the 100ml



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