November 28, 2022

Dior J'adore: favorite perfume of French women in 2011

In the Top 3 game perfumes, we would have seen more perfumes heady, settled in time. Not only the N ° 5 of Chanel but still the Coco of this same house or the Shalimar of Guerlain ... But it is about a list established according to the market share, made public by the daily newspaper Les Echos.

The pole position is played with a few thousand bottles sold between the perfume of Dior And the one of Chanel. If the N ° 5 remains a bottle and an absolutely iconic fragance over time, I love more and more seduced and in younger women. Its notes of bergamot, rose and jasmine, its golden bottle in the shape of an amphora, its radiant muse (Charlize Theron) make it an essential of a glorious and assumed femininity. In fact, to see I love to supplant the N ° 5 of Chanel, the advertising of Dior comes back to us, the one or the American legends jostle each other, Marylin Monroe and Grace Kelly at the head, in a declared will to see in J'adore a perfume timeless.

J'adore - The film (November 2022)