September 30, 2020

Doing sports on the beach, instructions for use

With aperitifs, barbecue and ice cream, in summer, we tend to let go diet and take back the little pounds so hard to lose before the holidays to get into our swimsuit rikiki. To give you a good conscience, and you tone, we asked Jean-Christophe Blin, coach at L'Usine to entrust us with his slimming tips!

"Do not be fooled," explains Jean-Chrisophe, "in summer we do not do a lot of sport. The sports intense like tennis, cycling or jogging are even discouraged because of the heat. But nothing prevents you from doing some very simple exercises'

1_ For the arms and the bust: yes to the ball games in the water with the children or the volleyball on the beach. If you play on the sand, it's even better: you will also muscular calves and glutes, playfully!

2_ The abs. Lying on my back, legs bent, I fold my legs on my stomach and return to the starting position. I'm doing 5 sets of 20 abs if I'm a beginner.

3_ A thin waist: lie on the mattress or on the sand. I plate the lower back on the ground and contracts the abs, gently.Idéal for a thin waist and a flat belly !

4_ Firm legs: in the water up to the knee, I run, I move and this 30 min per day. In addition it is good for the skin since the contact of water helps fight against cellulite!

5_ Light ankles: in the water, I do 8 with my ankles. Immediate heavy leg relief!

6_ Buttocks hell: I put short fins for 30 minutes of sports swimming, bluffing result!

7_ I pedal: if the aquabiking meets a great success, why not reproduce in the water this movement of pedaling, but without the bike! In addition by working the balance, you tone the whole body!

Special + sport beach: yes to volleyball, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, beach soccer!

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