November 28, 2022

Euro 2012: a 100% German menu for the match Portugal VS Germany

Euro 2012 is still at the center of our business, especially since it is the second quarter-final match. We decided to support our German friends by honoring them on our plates. We invite some friends and get ready for a party sprinkled with quantities of beers German.

The beer seems inevitable! Germany is one of the largest producing countries in beerthere are more than 5000 varieties. The best known is nevertheless the beer Pils which monopolizes 70% of the market. The feast of the beer is even a real institution for Germanic people.
Another great German specialty is sausage. There are about 1500 varieties and the Germans simply cook them in water. The best known are: Frankfurt sausage (sweet), Bavarian sausage (white) or Nuremberg sausage (served as a barbecue). You can enjoy them with mustard and salty pretzels to really get into the mood of the evening. We accompany everything a little sauerkraut sauerkraut, it's excellent.
Germans are crazy about desserts apple-based, as we are greedy we opt for a delicious homemade strudel. It is made from puff pastry, sugar, cinnamon and several varieties of apples to multiply the pleasures. We end this meal with a sweet touch that will delight your guests.

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