June 6, 2020

Family: take part in the solidarity egg hunts

Life-size egg hunts

In more than 110 cities in France, parks and gardens become the playground for games Easter hunt!

The principle is simple:

After having acquired a "hunting license" (between 1 and 2 euros), the parents and children go in search of the eggs decorated and hidden by the volunteers of Secours populaire français. Once found, they will be redeemable for gifts including Kinder Surprise Eggs!

Kinder ... still supports "egg hunts"

In 2010, thanks to the donation of 100,000 eggs Kinder Surprise, the "egg hunts" were a growing success and helped the French Secours Populaire to raise 64,000 euros. For this new edition, in addition to the donation of 110 000 Kinder Surprise, the brand mobilizes its consumers again directly on the shelves of supermarkets. Thus, nearly 16 million Kinder packaging will relay the event to invite as many people to attend this festive and supportive moment.

To learn about the "egg hunts" near you, we invite you to log on to the Kinder website for children.

Kinder is committed to childhood

This program is part of Ferrero France's solidarity policy centered on access to education and recreation for the youngest. Under an alliance concluded in 2009 with Secours populaire français, for an initial period of three years, Ferrero France and its brands pledged to support the actions of the association for children through a series of contributions sustainable and innovative.
For Ferrero France, this partnership is the illustration of a new "social contract" that must link the company to its environment, to its consumers and to civil society as a whole.

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