June 9, 2023

Fashion politicians grigris: Eva Joly's glasses

When announcing the candidacy of Nicolas Hulot, very few political commentators would have bet a kopeck on Eva Joly, ex judge and new policy as its coldness bordering on aridity set it back from the darling candidate of the media. However, as the campaign and the breaking of names of birds between the two candidates ecologists, Eva Joly took on a new dimension, coupled with a charisma that belongs only to her!

Without becoming popular (do not push anyway !!!!) Eva Joly has gradually split the armor and conquered a new audience.

What if Eva had a secret weapon? An accessory that other candidates envy? a kind of political magic wand? Yes, of course, glasses red ... become as the signature of the candidate and today taken by supporters as logo on their t-shirts.

Eva Joly will she launch a fashion for summer?

We are waiting to see!

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