August 6, 2020

Fine books: 10 books on nature and travel to offer at Christmas

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the fragility and beauty of the planet, these books offer a breathtaking collection of breathtaking images in diverse forms. trip atlas of geography, through the album of photographs.

Selection of beautiful books

- Nicolas Hulot, Ushuaia, the most beautiful expeditions
Release: October 30
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the broadcast Ushuaia, Nicolas Hulot and Nassera Zaïd publish an anniversary book retracing the 15 major expeditions of the animator, his meetings with botanists, vulcanologists and other specialists from Mongolia to Ethiopia via Brazil and Cambodia. This notebook traveling invites to the discovery of nature and men.
Toucan Editions
EUR 29.90

- The National Geographic Atlas
Release: September 6, 2007
National Geographic, which has become a recognized global authority on cartography, publishes a book of 400 large-scale detailed maps in a luxury box. The cartographic and encyclopedic content allows a wide audience to understand the challenges of our planet at the dawn of the 21st century. An index of over 100,000 entries is provided for easy reference. Many photographs invite trip and clearly illustrate data on habitat, demography or vegetation.
National Geographic
79 euros

- Yann-Arthus Bertrand, The big earth
Release: October 11, 2007
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, La Martinière publishes an exceptional edition of The earth from the sky. The limited edition box contains a lectern and a beautiful book20 kg of art and escape. Each book, of an extraordinary format of 1.40 m wingspan, will be numbered and signed. The author comments each of his images telling the story of these shots. The profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the association, created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
The Martinière
1.500 euros - Luxury version: 5.000 euros

- Theodore Monod, Jean-Marc Durou, deserts
Release: October 2007
Died in the year 2000, Theodore Monod has conducted many scientific works in the desert, especially in the Sahara in Africa. This book presents these botanical, geological, zoological and archaeological discoveries in these mythical places. The texts are illustrated photographs of Jean-Marc Durou.
Bower (Memory of the world)
59 euros

- Mireille de la Lez, Frederik Granath, A Fragile World
Released: September 2007
This book on the fauna and the nature of the Arctic sea ice pays homage to the fragility of this landscape and the animals threatened by the global warming. This beautiful book illustrated by Mireille de la Lez is commented by Frederik Granath.
The Martinière
39 euros

- Emmanuelle Grundmann, Rémy Marion, Gérard Soury, Encounters with wildlife: 36 ideas for traveling to live the adventure
Release: March 2007
These animal specialists and speakers offer a world tour of the fauna of the planet. Safaris in the savannahs and steppes, treks in the forest and hiking in the polar regions are detailed in this illustrated book which presents 33 suggestions of trip.
Hachette Tourism
28 euros

- Bérengère Pillet, Patrice Hauser, Discovering national parks
Release: October 2007
The specificities, the riches and the attractions of the seven great French national parks - Cévennes, Ecrins, Hautes-Pyrénées, Guadeloupe, Mercantour, Port-Cros and Vanoise - are detailed in this illustrated book.
West France
30 euros

- The Atlas of the most beautiful mountain sites in France
Release: October 31, 2007
The Atlas of the most beautiful mountain sites in France offers to discover the mountain ranges of the Hexagon, the Vosges Pyrenees, through the Jura, the Alps and the Massif Central. This beautiful book illustrated provides information on the history, geology and nature of the most beautiful mountain sites in France for the occasional walker or experienced hiker.
Atlas Editions
29.99 euros

- Richard Branson, Mike Horn, Adventures 2008: exploits, nature, explorations
Release: October 2007
The authors return to the great achievements in the field of exploration in the world. They detail in pictures the great scientific adventure and the extreme sporting exploits.
Ed Scali
29 euros

- Jacques-Martie Bardintzeff, Olivier Grunewald, volcanoes
Release: October 2007
Vulcanologist Jacques-Martie Bardintzeff reveals in this book the diversity of volcanoes on the planet. It explains the relief, the materials and the colors as well as the diversity of the eruptions in this beautiful book illustrated.
Oak Ed.
39.90 euros

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