February 25, 2021

Fingers of toast and fondue with Camembert bacon Au coeur Coeur de Lion

This recipe appetizer is proposed to us by Coeur de Lion.
For 4 people
Preparation 15 minutes
Cooking 30 minutes

Ingredients for a Camembert In the oven Heart of Lion:
100g of bacon
1 onion
1 bunch of chives
Ground pepper
Bread with cereals, nuts, sesame ...
Preheat the oven to 200 ° / th. 6-7.
Meanwhile, peel and chop an onion.
Let brown for 10 minutes over medium heat, add a little chopped chives and pepper generously.
Mix and cook for 2 minutes onions preparation
Take out Camembert of the box.
To take off if necessary, pass the blade of a knife between the crust and the inside of the box.
Place 40 g small pieces of bacon in the bottom of the box, accompanied by the onion mixture and place the cheese on top.
Carefully prick Camembert with a round-cut knife to make cuts.
Put in each of them a bacon.
Put in the oven for 30 minutes.
Take the cheese out of the oven.
Propose it for an aperitif directly in its box with sesame, cereal, poppy bread fingers ... and do not forget to go to the bottom of the box to enjoy lightly grilled bacon.

The Heart of Lion trick: For the greediest, accompany the fingers of grilled bacon breast bread! You can also taste the Camembert larded as a starter or as a dish, with potatoes or broccoli cooked "al dente", that is to say still crisp.

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