December 9, 2019

Fish, fruits, vegetables: eat good and cheap in May

Because we do not eat strawberries in winter and cauliflower in summer, fruits, vegetables, fish and cheese also have seasons. In early spring, you can fill your shopping cart with of the rhubarb, asparagus, radish, maple syrup and lobster. There we are sure not to be mistaken about the seasonality. But there are also other flagship products for this period.

Fish and poultry
On the fish side, anchovies, sardines or mackerel will be appreciated. Products that are easy to work and inexpensive. If you have a bigger budget, there is always sole, scallops and langoustines.
With the milder temperatures, we leave a little red meat for poultry (chicken, turkey).

Vegetables from the sun
The vegetables of the sun arrive little by little but in May the news of the vegetables season remains relatively low. It will be necessary to be satisfied with artichokes, cucumbers, asparagus or carrots. You can still enjoy celery, cauliflower or gourmet peas. But we recommend you first spinach. Choose spinach with green leaves, smooth and fleshy. Young shoots are also the most tender.

The first fruits of summer
Side fruits, the strawberries from the south of France have finally arrived. Again fruits also land on the stalls like the first cherries, nectarines and peaches, bananas, plums and kiwis. Not to mention the good tomatoes of Provence, a bit more expensive than those of Spain.

A simple and cheap meal in May
Finally, for a simple and cheap meal in May, here are some ideas: a fish terrine made from tuna in a box, which can be prepared for a picnic, accompanied by an eggplant salad and a gazpacho of cucumber mint and basil to refresh everything. For dessert, we think of the pie rhubarb and / or a soup of strawberries, strawberries of a local producer obviously.

Do tropical fish eat fruit and vegetables? (Feeding my fish fruit and vegetables) @jamesmorelan (December 2019).