May 28, 2024

Sofia Vergara cracks for Yves Saint Laurent Lip Liner

What's in the vanity of the stars? What are their favorite beauty products? When you see their perfect complexion on red carpet, mouth beautifully highlighted and their doe look, we would like to know their beauty secrets. Spotted doing makeup on the terrace of a restaurant on Sixth Avenue in New York, Sofia Vergara, the spicy actress of the series Modern Family, offers us a beginning of answer. Cocorico, the beauty has cracked for the Pur Couture Rouge Lip LacquerYves Saint Laurent. It must be said that this new object of desire, a little revolution in the make-up planet, has everything to please: the pigmentation of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the effect no matter matter of an ink, all with the outfit and a chic-issime packaging recognizable at the first glance. We would not want to denounce but we also recognized the packaging so characteristic of the Soothing Mineral Powder Redness Solutions Clinique. Small problems of redness Sofia? In any case, it does not show. She is sublime as always. So we sting without hesitation his favorite makeup products.

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