August 6, 2020

Food: the labels

- The presence of red label on a poultry, sausages or a dairy product is a guarantee of quality. This label indicates that the food is superior in quality to its equivalents on the market, according to criteria established by the very serious National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO).

- Your favorite products are all from biological agriculture ? The planet thanks you! Cultivated with a minimum of fertilizer and chemical treatments, their impact on the environment is much more reasonable than that of their stall neighbors.

- Stamped products Max Havelaar or Alter Eco are above all ethical. You can be sure that they have been bought at a decent price from their producers. Acquiring them is a nice action, in short.

- The AOC, or Appellations d'origine contrôlée, indicate that the product comes from a well-defined terroir, and respects many production constraints. So, if you enjoy a cheese morbier, for example, there is a good chance that it is the case of all those of this appellation.

- A pack of yogurt or pasta has been Elected product of the year ? Good news for its manufacturer ... not necessarily for its buyers. Because everything that this labelis that the packaging, the promotion and the slogans are well found. The content does not count. Pity.

5 Most Important Items On Food Nutrition Facts Labels (August 2020)