December 10, 2023

Gemini Horoscope 2015 - Health

Gemini Horoscope 2015 - How will you wear?

First trimester
: Here comes the time to take a healthy eating pattern, especially if your bathroom scales are three or four kilograms too much. You can lose weight by completely removing wine and bread at lunch and dinner. Simply take two or three bread rolls full of buttered bread in the morning for breakfast. Make beautiful beetroot salads, raw cauliflower and mushrooms. Consume spinach hard boiled eggs or lean fat chops. Skip the dishes in sauce and pastries. Also drink a lot of mineral water and some kinds of Chinese teas that are very diuretic.
Second trimester
: Everything will be propitious for you to restore a health and to finish with these so frequent pump strokes. Swim, take a walk and get a maximum of air. Sun cure if possible, and also vegetables and vitamins. And do not forget that optimism is the best guarantee of well-being.
Third trimester : From the beginning of the period, Mars will put your nerves alive. It's up to you to counterattack. If you smoke, make an effort to significantly reduce your cigarette consumption. Also avoid coffee. In doing so, you will significantly increase your power of seduction: not only will you be calmer and endearing, but your smile will be dazzling because you will have whiter teeth.
Fourth trimester : You will be somewhat roughed out by planetary influences on health. Beware of microbes, to which you will become very vulnerable. Consume oranges, grapefruit; drink warm lemonade with honey; take some muesli for breakfast. Sprinkle your meat and vegetables with thyme, bay leaf, rosemary - all excellent antiseptics. In the same vein, eat ginger; this condiment will please you, in addition, by its exquisite flavor.

GEMINI Health (December 2023)