October 27, 2021

Grandma's Beauty Recipes: 3 Questions to a Dermatologist

Dr. Joëlle Sebaoun, dermatologist

GirlsFromMainStreet: How do fruits and vegetables affect our skin?

Joëlle Sebaoun: "The food is for me ingested ... Apply on the skin of lemon, cucumber as some women could: why not? When I was younger to strengthen the tan, the application of tea very infused was a way to prolong the intensity of the tan. "


P.: As a specialist, have you noticed for some time a fashion of "cosmetic cooking", derived from the recipes of grandmothers? What do you think ?
J.S: "It's very fashionable to make the creams yourself! I admit that the laboratories and their know-how provide the guarantee of stability of products. I will not advise my patients to do their own. moisturizer or milk! "


P.: Through this fashion, it is the "natural" side that attracts women and knowing what is in their products. Today, many cosmetic brands take this party. Which brands would you recommend to women concerned about their beauty and the "natural" side?
J.S: "I recommend CODENSE products, Pech Cerciat Laboratory, which are fragrance-free, paraben-free and based on milk peptide, borage oil, shea butter, and LODESSE products based on vegetable oils."


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