April 10, 2021

Hair care: nourish

We can not repeat it enough: we must feed our hair in depth, so that they are strong enough to withstand external aggression. In summer, it's even more true! In this case, a hair mask nourishing is the most effective remedy. A little trick: pass a towel wet for a few seconds in the microwave oven and roll it on your hair wet and coated with the care of your choice. Leave for 3 minutes. The effect of your mask will be increased tenfold!

Our choice :
. Nutri-repair Instant Melting Masks and Garnier Hydra-liss: 200 ml tube, 4.45?, Large distribution.
. René Furterer hydro-nutritious mildness mask, Pot of 200 ml, 23,50 €, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Sheena's Hair Care: NOURISH (Review + Demo) (April 2021)