August 14, 2022

Hayden Panettiere and his rock chignon in Milan

Hayden Panettiere is one of those actresses with fresh and very American beauty. A beauty she can handle as she wishes to afford beauty looks as diverse as original. One day baby doll, the other bohemian chic or queen of the summer braid, Hayden Panettiere has the chic to be always impeccably coiffed and made up.

While attending Milan Fashion Week, the actress attended the presentation of Giorgio Armani's spring-summer 2014 men's collection. The young woman showed a total rock and glamor look with as a "weapon" mistress a hair bun shell. The slightly crepe hair on the top had been pulled back to form a hair bun above. The trend detail that makes the originality of the hairstyle is attached to this particular hull which has been curved and brought back to the side, towards the rear, for a slight effect "banana". Everything was of course lacquered for maximum hold. This hairstyle sophisticated, requiring perfect control of the gesture and a perfect fit, the hair bun no lock was left, the hair on the side having been skilfully pressed against the skull. A hairstyle trend, somewhat retro, and 100% rock, which brought out the Californian blond of the actress.

On the make-up side, Hayden Panettiere has learned his lesson well and has succumbed (a little but not too much) to the trend of this summer 2013: the emerald green eye shadow. After delicately emphasizing the outline of her eyes with a black kohl pencil, the young woman has opted for the green, applied on the eyelid. For more depth in the look, the actress added a coppery look just above. All structured by a good layer of black mascara lengthening and filling. As for the rest, Hayden Panettiere had opted for thick brown eyebrows, Cara Delevingne way, a touch of tanning on the cheekbones and a veil of loose powder pearly on the T-zone (forehead, nose). Finally, to avoid overloading this already well-developed beauty look, the actress had opted for a wise mouth with a lipstick pinkish beige, subtly iridescent. A glamorous and trendy beauty look.

With this hairstyle rock and this summer make-up, Hayden Panettiere shows us that the mix of genres is possible!

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