June 9, 2023

Hermès 17 rue de Sèvres

A new house is always a new discovery, a way to discover one's inner soul ...
So when a large luxury or rather quality house opens a new store, the event is inevitably a big event.

So while the news this week is devoted to the sale of the Lanvin collection for H & M, the one last week revolved around the new shop that opens Hermes left bank, at 17 rue de Sèvres.

While luxury, this inaccessible futility had found refuge on the right bank of Paris, intelligence rested on the left bank. And then, in a few years, since the establishment of Armani on the Boulevard Saint Germain, a movement began with an acceleration in 2010 with the opening of new stores Burberry or even Ralph Lauren.

The announcement ofHermes to invest on this shore could only stir curiosity.

Each new establishment illustrates each time the house spirit. After the glass modernity in Ginza in Japan, or the new space dedicated to the man on Madison in a building of red bricks, what would we propose the house Orange, on this bank of Paris, by posing his saddles, kelly and other silk squares in the old Lutetia swimming pool, adjoining the hotel of the same name, dating from the ART Deco period and classified as a historical monument?

The mission entrusted to the architect Denis Montel (and no longer to REDA) was to restore luster to a place that after having hosted a trendy ready-to-wear brand of the 70s, Dorothée Bis then to the brand of degrif ' had fallen back into a deep sleep?

If a first brainstorming could have proposed a Hollywood vision of nymphs like Esther Williams, no doubt that the house Hermes would have rejected this idea too much "did you see me" to focus on the origins, with a touch of insolence. Closer to the imagery of a Coco Chanel bathing in Deauville even if the image smells too much of the chlorine of the right bank ...

And that's where the miracle came ...

Indeed, the visit of the premises made it possible to confirm these two visions.
On the one hand, a work on this quaint aspect of the 30s with its passageways that welcomed the old cabins to change, the wrought iron railings highlighted, the colonnades with gilded carvings or restoration of the mosaic of the time in cream, green and silver colors. And then this space preserved, immense, this immense box forming atrium and its zénithale light. Do not say that luxury is space.

On the other hand, there are these funny natural ash hut, 3 in number, which take their seat at the bottom of the old pool to rub the air up to 9 meters high. Nests that house thematic spaces around the art of the house: table, linen, furniture.

However, the other novelty was to propose in this flagship (very Vuittonian term), more than a shop, a concept store ... Idea somewhat worn also after the Colette or thank you of the Capital ... and yet , in connection with this desire to highlight the art of the House, the idea of ​​developing the art of living. As an invitation to stroll, to relax as Véronique Nichanian reminds us in his man collections ... for Hermes. With disconcerting windows worthy of a luxury Conforama, far from the imagination of Leïla Menchari, and this entry occupied by the florist Baptiste, this bookstore Actes Sud that sends us back to the Rive Gauche spirit, or this tea room Le Plongeoir, with disarmingly simple furniture: a few tables, rattan chairs and a selection of tea.
We find the atmosphere of a Bartabas who collaborated with Hermes, with great work with the horses, in a rudimentary carousel, creating an idea of ​​strength and magnificience. Crude in the service of sophistication.

No joke, just a walk, in a place where materials do not hurt the eye, where luxury is discreet. The box does not devour the visitor and highlights, what seems to be contradictory, the items on display, as a form of revelation of the beauty of a young woman in the light of day. No artifices.

From the cozy Parisian modern, to walk on weekends, take the time to leaf through a book, drink tea or offer a bouquet of peonies, before joining the industrious right bank to consume 24 Faubourg all these objects futile and indispensable, far from the eyes of the left bank, to return at nightfall, with a bag orange.

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Juliette Longuet - NY NY / Paris Paris - Hermes - Paris (June 2023)