June 2, 2020

Hilary Duff in Paris: she too succumbed to the colo tye and dye

The very girlyHilary Duff was in Paris last week to promote his novel Elixir. The girl, who has been seen robbing the shops of the capital, has come out with a brand new hairstyle : like Rachel Bilson and so many other stars, Hilary Duff she too succumbed to the temptation of neo coloring !


A coloring tye and dye, where the chestnut roots leave place in gradient with blond tips. We love this new look hairstyle very popular for a few months, and here is the pretty blodinette that goes there too!


We especially like the contract between angelic blond and bright red lipstick that highlights its luscious lips: a femme fatale very pop rock side for the starlet!

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