January 16, 2022

Horoscope 2009: Health and fitness of Gemini

Horoscope 2009 : Health - First Quarter: In terms of physical resistance, your Sky will not undergo any significant planetary attack, which suggests an easy and carefree period. On the other hand, Pluto and Saturn could accentuate your latent tendency to anxiety, which, in your case, often makes you a little difficult to live.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Second quarter: Good momentum in this period. Mars, planet of energy, will influence you directly. All of you who have had health problems will finally find the balance. No more falls of tension or moments of nervousness, no more sleepless nights, also the small cascading sores that some of you have known. In much better shape, you will manage your energy capital without difficulty.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Third trimester: The many planets in presence may affect your health. But do not worry: they will be generally favorable. Simply, you can go through a short phase of nervousness and have trouble relaxing. Avoid maximizing stress. If you are prone to hypertension, you will have to be a little more vigilant.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Fourth quarter: The Sun and Saturn will be favorable to you in terms of health, but provided that you respect a healthy lifestyle. Saturn is a little like the gendarme of Heaven, and he does not forgive the gaps! You will be in good shape if you sleep enough, if you do a little sport, if you feed yourself properly and if you avoid excesses of all kinds, including alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, it will certainly be difficult digestion, cold snap or fatigue!

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