January 16, 2022

Horoscope 2009: Health and fitness of the bull

Horoscope 2009 : Health - First Quarter: With this aspect of Pluto, it will be time to make the right decisions about your health. Put in place the necessary reforms, a healthy lifestyle. A healthy and balanced diet, adequate sleep time and, especially, regular schedules, a little sport, and the trick will be played!
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Second quarter: Watch out for energy falls! The stars of vitality, the Sun and Mars, will both be placed in signs in disharmony with yours, which can bring you moments of fatigue. If you feel suddenly weak, do not try to fight against your fatigue. Take it into account and rest, even if you remove anything that is not absolutely necessary from your schedule. You will quickly find your usual dynamism.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Third quarter: Saturn is going to be very positive about your physical resistance. All of you who recently had a little bit of energy or who knew health warnings, will regain their vitality. If you suffer from a long-term condition, a new treatment or a different lifestyle can significantly improve your situation.
Horoscope 2009 : Health - Fourth quarter: Very slight decline in shape to predict. You who have recently benefited from the gods in terms of health, will now have to consider the arrival of the Black Moon in your area of ​​health. Above all, do not panic: this star alone is in no way sufficient to threaten serious illnesses. But, more simply, get ready to be a little less resilient and a little less dynamic these days. Let yourself live, do not force anything in this period.

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