May 28, 2024

How to delay the ejaculation of your man?

Without having the problem of premature ejaculation, men sometimes have trouble waiting for Madame to take pleasure.

Also curious that it may seem, there are still men who have no idea that a woman can claim her pleasure and lock herself in her own rhythm. "How can a woman hope to enjoy before the man?" But yes, we can gently remind them, tactfully, that we too have the right to our Orgasm and that he is "polite" that the man is waiting for Madame. Because after Mister has enjoyed, more thanerection possible. And when there is no moreerectionMonsieur turns back on the other side of the wall and sleeps in a peaceful sleep. Argh. To others!

No need to maintain positions the hottest on a frantic pace when we hope that Monsieur retains. If you feel your partner warm up dangerously while you continue gladly, offer a little break. Deviate his attention, play the card of tenderness. No tigress.

There is a cream to delay ejaculation, but it significantly limits feelings. So not only is it not very effective but in addition you are likely to hurt Jules if you spread it cream for premature ejaculator.

Some hoods are retardant. Not worth long speeches. Take charge of buying and setting up ... and see the result.

Too young or too oldyour man may have trouble managing his excitement. Young people out of enthusiasm and the older ones for the sake of maintaining a erection closes during the whole act. In this case, love, understanding (without mercy!), Lightness will manage to help your partner without feeling guilty.

Our advice
Avoid having sex in a hurry, afraid that parents will arrive for example or if you only have a few minutes before having to leave. Take the time to defuse the tensions. If your partner is afraid of failure, alleviate the atmosphere and never make sexual abilities a problem.

How To Delay Ejaculation & How Can A Man Last Long (May 2024)