March 26, 2023

How to exfoliate your skin after the summer?

Rid his skin of free radicals

The sun is good but by dint of exposure under the effect of solar radiation, skin cells produce free radicals that damage the epidermis. These ugly cells cause chain reactions and accelerate the aging of the skin. To get rid of it, we apply the technique of scrub.

Extend your tan

Contrary to popular belief, the scrub does not make the tan disappear. The exfoliation will rather sublimate our tanned skin. Thanks to a good scrubwe will get rid of the dead cells that form a thick layer and prevent care from penetrating the skin. It is thus possible to restart the microcirculation of this last and better oxygenate, which is very good for the maintenance of tanning. In exfoliating his skin, then wake up his complexion and help him regain its radiance.

The stages of scrub perfect

The scrub is a beauty gesture as important as hydration. To realize it we follow these steps:

- The scrub after the shower so that the skin is still moist. Pour a little bit ofexfoliating in your hands and apply the product on the body making small circular motions. We start the massage from the shoulders to the feet, through the back, the belly, buttocks and legs. And most importantly, be careful not to over-support the risk of irritating the skin.

- On the face the scrub is done on a skin still wet, by performing a massage from the inside of the face outward by insisting on the T-zone, that is to say the forehead, the nose and the chin.

- Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and finish with a jet of fresh water to tone it. Finally, dry your skin by tapping lightly without rubbing it.

- Very important after the exfoliation, it is essential to hydrate the skin with a moisturizer or a repairing care to restore the protective film of the epidermis. In addition, know that once exfoliated, the skin absorbs the assets contained in the creams better, which makes it possible to optimize the effectiveness of the latter.



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- Great Scrub Sephora 2.50 euros

- exfoliating double action Nars 32 euros


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