June 23, 2024

How to repair my hair in the fall

Choose the right shampoo

To help your hair fiber rebuild itself, you need to use a shampoo for dry hair with highly nutritious qualities. Even though your hair is usually not dry at all and you wash it with a shampoo neutral, it is essential to change product because your hair is not the same.
Remember to do a small scalp massage during your shampoo to activate blood circulation and accelerate the regrowth of future hair that will replace those that have been broken.

After a month, when your hair is back to normal, return to your shampoo classic so as not to grease your hair.

Our favorite products:

- Shampoo nutri-repair "Haute Beauté" - Soft bath - dry hair - Carita
- Shampoo Re-nutrition with royal jelly or Total Repair- Elsève- L'Oréal
- Shampoo Nourishing- Dry Hair Nutrition- Yves Rocher

Feed them!

After the summer, hair sebum film is deteriorated, so it must be reconstituted through masks with restorative and nutritive properties. For this to work, it is important to apply this mask two to three times a week.

Before the mask, wring your hair well. If you apply it on wet hair, the product will not be effective because it will slide on the hair and will not penetrate the hair fiber. For best results, heat a wet towel in the microwave for one minute and wrap your hair soaked with care. Leave for about twenty minutes.

Our favorite treatments:

-Masque-repairing mask "Haute Beauté" -Shake balm-dry hair- Carita
-Full mask Re-nutrition or Total Repair- Elsève-L'Oréal
-My minute nourishing-Yves Rocher

If your hair is particularly weak, once a week, let the mask work all night. We recommend the Oleo-relax night of Kerastase Nutritive which has been specially developed to regenerate the hair fiber during your sleep.

Use a detangling spray

After rinsing and wringing your hair, spray a detangling spray of shine (Elsève Nutri-gloss Light or Fioravanti de Furterer). Do not skip this step because damaged hair gets tangled much more easily than hair in top form, because of the open scales that cling to each other.

Dry them gently

Minimize brushing and smoothing. Your hair has suffered enough heat this summer!
If you can not do without smoothing, be sure to apply a thermo-protective cream (thermo-active-Force Vector treatment from l'Oréal Professionnel) on your lengths to protect them during styling.

Think of care without rinsing

If after all these treatments, you find that your hair is still rough, apply on the lengths and ends of repairing products that do not require rinsing. Just add a few drops of cream, otherwise you risk weighing down your hair and it would be a shame to spoil everything after so much effort!

-Treatment serum with shea butter Rene Furterer
-Fluid nutritive re-nutrition-Elsève-L'Oréal
-The prodigious oil-Nuxe
- Nutri-repairing instant care "anti-breakage" -Elsève-L'Oréal