June 2, 2020

How to wear wide pants?

The advantage of Large pants it adapts to all styles and offers several possibilities of look. The slim ones will opt for high-waisted trousers to emphasize their hips. Others will choose a Large pants classic with a backhand.

Before you crack do not choose anything, opt for a sober and classic color pants like gray, you can wear it with the rest of your clothes. The Large pants is also available in a jean version: it gives a fluid and chic look.

The xxl pants can match with a blouse very close to the body and, to emphasize the size, a big belt will bring a chic and feminine touch.

You can also mix styles wearing it with a very fitted men's vest and a very fine t-shirt underneath to highlight your cleavage.
Whatever the high worn (blouse, t-shirt, sweater ...) he must be inside the pants! You might otherwise miss the desired effect by looking like a bag!

For more relaxationyou can wear your Large pants, with a sweater or a kimono blouse, the waist will be underlined, giving you a chic and elegant look.

With xxl pants, you must imperatively wear a short jacket or short coat, denim, or leather. (In winter, opt for the overcoat).

To avoid the masculine side, you will not be able to avoid high heels: pumps or low boots will do.

The cover is the accessory essential to counterbalance the masculine side of the pants.
Our advice
Avoid wearing a wide top with xxl pants, this is to accent the opposite of the top and bottom, to play with the male / female side.

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