June 2, 2020

Hydrate and protect your skin in 6 lessons

1 / A well cleansed skin
If hydration is a key step for the health of the skin, the cleansing must not be zapped. And for good reason, if you have followed our advice so far, you will understand that it is essential to remove the skin on the surface and clean thoroughly to avoid leaving impurities.

Our specialties: the double action waterproof eye makeup remover, face and eye cleansing milk or Pure & Natural make-up remover wipes. NIVEA biodegradable for those in a hurry as well as a scrub that deeply cleanses like the Gentle Smoothing Scrub of NIVEA.

2 / A revitalized skin
A healthy skin is a clear skin, radiant and vitamin. In the morning, after you have had some fresh water, or a few sprays of thermal water on the face, soak a cotton of cleansing water or toner and pass it over your entire face. Immediate awakening, feeling of freshness assured!

Our favorite: Tonique FraƮcheur NIVEA for normal to combination skin

3 / A purified skin
For young or problem skin, only one watchword: purify. Deep skin cleansing will be facilitated by a suitable cleansing gel. The skin will be all the more clean and pure with a scrubbing care. Micro-beads facilitate, in fact, the opening of pores for a skin texture gradually refined.

Our favorite: the purifying cleansing gel Clean Deeper Pure Effect

4 / A soft and nourished skin
The dryness of the skin is caused by lack of water, and can cause unpleasant tugging on the face and body. Water is not the best friend of the most fragile skin and most desiccated. Start by avoiding that it is too hot, which tends to dry out the skin. Use a shower gel, a washing cream or a soap based on almond oil that leaves a protective film on the body and nourishes the skin on the surface. The oils will effectively moisturize the skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier. In addition, their creamy texture will leave the skin soft and satiny.

Our favorites: Soft Cream Bread, a cream soap with nourishing almond oil and Shower Oil NIVEA.

5 / A glowing skin
The skin is often the first sign of signs of fatigue and lack of energy. Feel free to opt for an energizing cream to help boost the complexion and give pep back to the most tired skin.

Our favorite: the Q10 Energy Cream NIVEA

6 / A skin protected in the sun
Nourishing oil, moisturizing cream, all these daily care for the face and the body participate in the protection of the skin to face the external aggressions (pollution, cold ...). Be careful, they must not replace the use of a suitable sun care. From the first rays of the sun, do not hesitate to apply a sunscreen corresponding to the duration of exposure by not neglecting any part of the body.

Our favorite: the face cream NIVEA Sun Protect & Bronze and Pure & Sensitive Protective Milk from NIVEA ideal for all family.

The science of skin - Emma Bryce (June 2020)