June 23, 2024

In second: the French baccalaureate in sight

The 2ndia represents a big change. An adult-to-adult relationship is established between teachers and students, classes are dictated and not written on the board, the number of books to be read increases. All this, to prepare the high school student to enter the faculty and help him get his baccalaureate. But before reaching this point, he must first determine at the end of the school year, the sector he wants to integrate. That's why, the program of 2ndia is part of a cycle called "determination".
In mathematics, students must perform puzzles in 3D, conduct probing simulations, perform vector calculations, deepen the functions.
In French, the focus is on language proficiency and knowledge of literature. To know how to argue, to organize one's thought, to present constructed lectures are all capacities that the teacher expects. As well as a diligent reading. So students of 2ndia must read at least six literary works as well as many extracts from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is to make them aware of the French baccalaureate. Because in class of 1era Also, it will be necessary to discover many authors and this, whatever the chosen sector. So be prepared for French as soon as possible.
In addition, teachers of French require many written and oral productions. On the program: the commentary and the dissertation, which will also appear at the baccalaureate.