March 1, 2021

"It served me"

In 24 years of boxing, I had several adventures, more or less serious, in my company. The only time this created problems was when I went out with the secretary of the general manager. I was made to understand that it had to stop. My last story lasted almost 4 years and of course, when we see you lunch at the canteen, come to the parties together, colleagues always end up asking questions.
But now, I would say that my management is used to it. Not only that does not penalize me but I think it served me. Before I was rather shy but now I have easy contact with women and we know that I "know well" the secretaries. Often, moreover, I am sent as a scout to them.
Jérôme, 43, executive in a bank, Paris

my first time riding s chinese bike it served me well (March 2021)