June 10, 2023

Jessica Alba: her bun pulled during Fashion Week New York

The set gives a graphical graphic impression. The eyebrows are cut with a knife, extending the eye to the temples; the cheekbones are raised with a blow of blush which fuseles the face; the mouth is a dull red and the hairstyle is the work of a goldsmith.

A smooth lacquered bun, a light hull and finally the bun itself, low, modeled behind the skull, impeccably pulled.

The actress The Killer Inside Me was a couple at the show Michael Kors, the creator who seduces more and more stars. In the midst of fashionistas in colorblock, all wild hair out, Jessica Alba was a graphic beauty model, dressed to the nines. Almost a little too much! Between the epaulettes jacket, the dress with oval neckline, the chiseled make up and the hairstyle drawn, the beautiful was a bit unnatural.

Jessica Alba Debra Messing Gorgeous at MICHAEL KORS Fashion Show (June 2023)