April 1, 2020

Jessica Biel, sexy to hell with her banana bun for Total Recall

Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell ... All the big cast of "Total Recall" was today in Berlin to present their blockbuster. The eye of the beautystas inevitably stops on the splendid future Mrs. Justin Timberlake. Why ? Because it's been months since Jessica Biel, discovered back from school in the series "7 at home", takes his stripes fashion and beauty with a style quite bluffing.
It would seem that Mr Timberlake is not a fan of his new haircut with bangs. That's at least one proposal hairstyle who turns the obstacle!

Long live the future bride ...

For this photocall, Jessica Biel so managed to shade the no less superb Kate Beckinsale. The actress in fluid dress with pastel prints has opted for a banana bun with fine crepe and lightness. Where we could have bet on a hairstyle class and classic, Jessica Biel sends a lot of eyes with an incredibly fresh beauty look, sublimating a haircut ordinary. The complexion is nude, the lipstick is a flowery pink while the eye is only revealed by a layer of mascara. This light makeup trend is having an effect on the girl who has just announced that she would like to play in a possible adaptation of the "Ninja Turtles". It's true that Pril O'Neill has always been a classy and sexy young journalist!

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