June 9, 2023

Kate Upton, new face of the brand Bobbi Brown

"We are proud to announce our partnership with the American model Kate Upton as new muse of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' writes the brand, this Friday, on his Facebook account. The message is accompanied by a video, showing the creator Bobbi Brown and the American model Kate Upton, in full conversation. The goal ? Introduce the young woman to potential customers and followers of the cosmetics brand. Various topics are discussed: the beginnings of the supermodel in the world of fashion, confidence and secrets of beauty. For example, we remember that the supermodel was approached at the age of 12, while attending an equestrian show in Texas, but she was still too small to pose. Also note: Kate Upton can not do without moisturizer, especially after a long flight. The interview of the two women ends with compliments and a hug. "I would like to be Kate Upton for at least a day " even declare Bobbi Brown.
And Katie Holmes, in all this?

First reaction of Internet users: "Where did Katie Holmes go?" The actress and ex of Tom Cruise was, since 2012, the ambassador of Bobbi Brown. That the fans are reassured, she should still officer for the brand, as specified by the community manager, in a message, published following the interrogative comments: "Katie Holmes will continue to appear in the communications of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics until June 2014. We are proud to have collaborated with Katie for the past two years, and happy that she was our very first muse. We warmly thank Katie for her trust, and we are delighted today to welcome a woman whose natural beauty and self-confidence are again reflective of Bobbi's "Pretty Powerful" philosophy..

Kate Upton named the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics (June 2023)