August 15, 2022

Katy Perry, very First Lady for the first Smurfs 2

Katy Perry recently entrusted WWD magazine with "at least an hour and a half" make-up in front of the ice (see our article: Katy Perry needs an hour and a half to make up!). "And I do not want to make a misstep" she added. Unfortunately for the singer, this has already been the case, in the past, with a rather colorful make-up, mixing flashy color and glitzy mouth (see our slideshow The faux-pas beauty of stars: special make-up). It reassures however, it's been years that she did not disappoint, beauty. And even less this Sunday, in Los Angeles, for the premiere of the movie "The Smurfs 2". Perfectly made up, the beautiful singer had indeed First Lady looks, refined and feminine, without falling into the classic "gnangnan" and "dadame". Short, Katy Perry was of great beauty.

The singer had indeed a radiant and radiant mine, enhanced with a light veil of pink blush. She had then illuminated her azure eyes with a copper eyeshadow, applied on the eyelid, and in a thin and light line, flush with the lower lashes. To complete the whole, Katy Perry had opted for a black kohl, impeccable and without burr, also placed flush with the lower lashes. Mixed with the coppery look, he brought out the brilliance of the superstar's eyes, and gave intensity to his eyes. Katy had also used a good dose of mascara to lengthen her eyelashes and flesh them out. Finally, to highlight her mouth, the pretty brunette had bet on a lipstick pink in color, both lively and natural. A shade quite different from the dark plums and reds she wore these days.

Side hairstyle, Katy Perry was posting a new haircut, slightly shorter. The singer has cracked for one of the flagship trends of the summer: the curly square, which suits him perfectly. Oh, if all the California Girls could look like him ...

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