December 10, 2023

L'Oréal Professionnel launches its first hair fragrance

The family "Mythic Oil" welcomes a newcomer. L'Oreal Professional completes the famous range of its brand with a new product: the perfume for hair and body. An ultimate gesture of beauty, for a hair that feels divinely good. The smell is indeed identical to the oil, shampoo and after-shampoo of the same range, a blooming and fruity mixture of tangerine, blackcurrant, white jasmine, vanilla, caramel and orange blossom. In addition to this sweet fragrance, which will turn many heads, this perfume for hair will also bring shine and nutrition to your hair. But, be careful, this is not a question of care. It does not have the same properties as the oil "Mythic Oil", and feeds much less your mane than the products intended for this purpose, available in the same range. Because this perfume has only one goal: to further sublimate your hair, with a sensual veil.
Already fan of other products "Mythic Oil", this perfume conquered us. One to two sprays are enough to cover your hair. And leave, in your wake, a sweet perfume sensual. Ideal if you have a meeting, or a tête-à-tête, to intoxicate your dear and tender.
For those who are unkempt, the perfume for hair and body L'Oreal Professional is sold exclusively to hairdressers L'Oreal Professional, at the recommended price of 35 euros, for 75 ml.

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