December 1, 2021

Lady Gaga: top or flop her new year special prom mask

It's official, 2012 will also take place under the imposing shadow and glitter of the international star Lady Gaga. January 1 at midnight, it was she who created the event on Times Square, she was chosen for the farewell to 2011, symbolized by the throwing of a crystal ball. The hilarious Lady Gaga again managed to surprise us with a beauty matched with the crystal ball. Top or flop, that's the question ...

Since Sofia Coppola has revived the masked balls in Marie-Antoinette, we are pretty fanatics of the "wolf" fashion, mysterious, glamorous ... When Lady Gaga seize the trend, it gives rather in the satellite dish. Why not ? Gaga can not be content with normality, we can not blame her. Half Inca warrior, half anonymous participant in an orgy at the Eyes Wide Shut, the star has opted for chic excess for a 2012 at the top.

Verdict: a "top" perfectly Gaga-esque, that is to say grandiloquent and absurdly shock.

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