July 5, 2020

Leona Lewis, sexy for Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber who releases his autobiographical film, and it's all the sexy stars that reappear! Notably the British singer Leona Lewis, who was beautiful to see the movie Never say never of the boy.


The young woman with the measurements of dream plays the card of the crazy provocation with her top in the shape of mouth on the breasts! To give her long hair a futuristic look, Leona Lewis bet on the hair straightener to afford a beautiful straight hair. The most super sexy, the fringe long and smooth, shaving his eyes. A very successful style that changes her curly hair from girl to flower ... Leona Lewis has metamorphosed and appears to be bombastic!


The beauty has she cracked Justin Bieber with this beauty look?

Leona Lewis Shows Off Her Feather Tattoo In A Sexy Off-The Shoulder Jumpsuit At Crossroads 6.2.17 (July 2020)