April 20, 2024

Look of the day: Charlize Theron, a real Golden Girl Dior in Paris

" I love Dior ! In the mouth of Charlize Theronthis sentence makes sense. In the ad for the mythical perfume of the CD house, the actress makes us undoubtedly dream, all dressed in gold. And it seems that it is this character fatiline femme fatale and sexy devil that the South African wanted to reinvent during his stay in Paris for the show Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture.

Yes, at the beginning of the week, Charlize Theron, in good muse, was in France for the presentation of the new Dior collection. Coming with her lover bad boy, the intimidating Sean Penn, the actress had donned a golden mini-dress for the best effect. Making a real tribute to the woman "J'adORe" she has been playing on screen for several years, the former supermodel shone a thousand lights. Short, slightly waisted at the waist, the round neck ... this dress divinely flattered the curves of the actress and obviously put his interminable legs in value. And to lengthen a little more silhouette already slender, the actress had opted for a pair of sandals with nude heels.

With such a dress, however, beware of the overload. Sean Penn's sweetheart knows and understands that in this case, wearing one or more jewels was superfluous. All the diamonds of the world were indeed useless. The metallic gold color of its dress was enough to dress Charlize Theron most beautiful finery. And despite the simple cut of this creation, the South African was both sexy and devilishly chic.

Beauty side, history not to do too much, the actress had opted for a discreet and rather bright makeup. A smooth complexion magnified by slightly pink cheekbones, a perfectly drawn nude mouth, eyes painted with pearly shadow and underlined by a fine line of black eyeliner ... The trick is played. With this make-up and her hair pulled up in a bun with her finger, the actress was simply to fall.

You had been warned ... Charlize Theronit's THE Golden Girl par excellence. From head to toes...

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