June 10, 2023

Love relationship at work: the 10 rules to respect

Rule # 1: we go piano on soft gestures

Even if we are all fire, we want crazy embrace between the copier and the coffee machine, we reason. So as not to raise the questions or even the pikes of our open space partners, we resist the urge toto kiss or to touch each other. Not easy, certainly, but your reunion with Jules, hidden from view this evening, will be all the more ardent!

Rule n ° 2: we do not confide ourselves wrongly and wrongly

Certainly, you get along like a thief at a fair with Laura, from the count and Cathy from the staff department. But do not forget that in addition to being super-friendly, they are also ultra-talkative! With them, your little secret will quickly go around the company. So, even if you burn to reveal to them all the crunchy details about your new romance, a wise tip: motus and mouth stitched.

Rule n ° 3: we do not sow clues on the Net

No need to keep a low profile at work if you betray yourself on social networks. So, avoid changing your status overnight or posting pretty pictures entwined with you and your desktop lover on the web.

Rule n ° 4: we do not cut off the rest of the team

It is not because you have found the man of your dreams in the agency where you bust that you must now isolate yourself from your colleagues. So, do not lock yourself into this relationship, so beautiful be it. To avoid suspicion, continue to eat in the canteen, at the restaurant or take cappuccinos with other employees.


Rule # 5: avoid extended breaks

In the same way, even if you dream of joining your darling for an impromptu hug, refrain your ardor. If you say to go to the toilet or smoke but do not come back after three quarters of an hour, you will put the ear to some people ...

Rule n ° 6: we do not let go during the seminars

Professional weekends are often an opportunity to release the pressure: this is the only time you will see your big boss singing Celine Dion or your N + 1 do a striptease on the speakers. Do not get carried away, however, in the general euphoria: the factto kiss full-mouth Jules (which is supposed to be a colleague only for everyone) will come back boomerang in the figure on the following Monday morning ...

Rule # 7: ... but we do not feel guilty

In love with a colleague? Yes, we play the card of discretion but we do not gnaw at the blood so far. According to a Belgian study published this year, having a sentimental relationship at work does not have a negative impact on job performance.

Rule # 8: Speak to your boss (s) if the story is confirmed

Have you been dating for several months and things are getting serious? Then ask for an interview with Big Boss to explain the situation. History of cutting off malicious rumors ...


Rule n ° 9: we ask for a change of position if necessary
If you operate in a highly competitive environment where your relationship may be held against you, you may need to be assigned to a new service or site.

Rule # 10: We do not talk pro on the pillow

Once at home, we stop at once talking about statistics, annual report and comparative assessment.
And we are careful not to transpose the pro on the staff. So, the "you do not talk to me like your trainee », We avoid!

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