May 23, 2022

Medici Prize: Sorj Chalandon, for A promise

The novel
Every day of the week, one of Etienne and Fauvette's seven friends comes to their house to accomplish a task: to bloom or read poems. They thus hold the superstitious promise that they have made them children, and which is intended to ward off death. Yet, as time passes, they get tired and give up their commitment.

The author
Sorj Chalandon has been a journalist for more than thirty years. For Liberation, he covered several wars and notably won the Albert London Prize in 1988 for his reports on Northern Ireland and the Klaus Barbie trial.
"A Promise" is his second novel, after "The Little Bonzi", released last year.

The Medici Prize
Founded in 1958, the Medici price Reward a novel or a collection of short stories, written by a novice author or not yet known to his talent. His last laureates are Jean-Philippe Toussaint, for "Fuir", Marie Nimier, for "The Queen of Silence", Hubert Mingarelli, for "Four soldiers".

The promise, Sorj Chalandon, Grasset, 15.90?

Olivier Sillig: Prix des lecteurs 2017 (May 2022)