October 25, 2021

Miramar Crouesty thalassotherapy center: a warm welcome

The concept
The Miramar Crouesty welcomes its visitors as part of a total care. A blend of luxury hotel and business center Thalassotherapyhe proposes care based on the benefits of the sea. A new wind blows on the Miramar Crouesty. He has set up the cures "Cap Silhouettes" and "Cap Leanness". It is a personalized dietary support offered to each guest to set his goals. In total harmony with its environment, the Miramar Crouesty strives to implement a global approach of respect for the planet with the use of organic products in recycled or biodegradable packaging.
The place
An area thalasso 2500 m² with upscale rooms overlooking the lake or the sea. care, rooms, restaurants ... each room has an opening on the ocean.
The speciality
The courses are divided into 4 orientations: serenity, tonic, fitness, heavy legs. One of the specificities of the center is to propose a post-natal cure. It represents both a fitness of the body and time devoted to yourself in expert hands. Care bust, wraps, care full face, drainage, jet baths ... massage workshops for baby ... what to feel woman. The specific baby cure includes a hot tub with dad or mom and a massage for the baby.
Miramar Crouesty

MIRAMAR CROUESTY thalassotherapy and spa by TVLowCost (October 2021)