January 31, 2023

My child does not like his Christmas present: what to do?

Tip # 1: Relativize

It is true that it is a boring situation but do not blame too much either. Everyone can be wrong, even very good parents. Your choice of gift will certainly be fairer at the next Christmas or next birthday!

Tip # 2: Do not take grief for a whim

A child who cries liters because he did not have the gift that he wanted to can strongly annoy the parents, especially when they bent over backwards to make him say it gift. The temptation is then great not to take into consideration his cries and his crying by equating this behavior to a mere whim. Or, ignore your child, or worse tell him it's because he was "naughty than father Christmas did not do him the good gift Would be a mistake, especially if it is still small. Until 7 or 8 years old, children express their grief spontaneously without thinking that it will have an impact on others or that it can hurt relatives. So go slow for reproach because your child would not understand and would be even sadder! This Christmas could then create relationship problems between you and give the feeling to your child that he is unloved?


Tip # 3: Talk to your child


Release tensions right away by talking to her calmly and telling her, if he still believes in Father Christmas, that sometimes it happens that Papa Christmas is wrong with the millions of gifts he carries in his hood. But the good news is that in general it offers a gift wonderful year after year to catch up.

If your child no longer believes in Father ChristmasFortunately, there is an after-sales service for exchanges! Provided you have carefully preserved the receipt of course?


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