September 25, 2021

Nail polish, lipstick ... the tie and dye comes in all forms

Impossible to miss this lighthouse trend, which has seduced many stars and continues, even today, to crack them. The tie and dye, whom we knew on the hair, today seizes our traditional beauty products. The goal? Recreate this degraded effect, right down to the tips of your nails. A short overview of tie and dye and its declensions, in the beautysphere.

1. The hair

The tie and dye (understand coloring degraded) appeared last summer, on the heads of our dear celebrities. Sarah Jessica Parker Jessica Alba, many are the stars to have cracked for this coloring very particular. The goal here is simple: to show a hair in contrast, with dark roots and light spikes. This year, however, the demarcations are less clear, less marked and more nuanced. We are now talking about shaded hair. The tie and dye remains very present, and the trend does not seem to be running out of steam. Because our traditional beauty products are transformed, little by little, to offer us, too, this degraded effect.

2. Nail polish
The brands Sephora and Yves Saint Laurent are currently surfing the wave tie and dye, and now offer degraded effect varnish. The use is as follows: apply a layer of this magic varnish on your usual varnish, for a very soft wash. You will understand: after the hair, the tie and dye so invite himself now on our nails.

3. Lipsticks
Another trend of this spring-summer 2013: the shaded lip, the tie and dye, lip version. What is it concretely? Very simple: just wear two shades of lipstick different for a shaded artistic and chic effect. To do this, apply the dark shade to the outside of the lips, and the light color, in the heart of the mouth. You can also reverse. This trend, very Haute Couture, is still reserved for the most skilled.

4. Eye shadows

The shaded eyes also makes its place, make-up side. Variant of tie and dye, this eye makeup is rather easy to obtain. Just create a color gradient with different shades of eye shadow. We start with the light colors, which are applied to the entire eyelid, and we finish with darker shades, which are affixed near and flush with the upper lashes. A sophisticated make-up, to wear in the evening.

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