October 25, 2021

Nail Polish: Nail Eco Bar at Bon Marché

We put our nails green. It's not just in the kitchen that we're getting green, and our eco-friendly fiber does not stop at our alum-tree deodorant. The Bon Marché, a temple of French fashion (hear elegant and demanding, of course ...), welcomes slow beauty to the tips of the nails with the Nail Bar Kure Bazaar. For those who do not know this innovative brand, it's time to discover the trend in nail polish natural (85%) sipping a fruit juice (organic!).

From here we can see the anti-eco frown nose, imagine colors exclusively poo goose or ocher. The advantage, with Kure Bazaar, is that the green philosophy is quite glam and certainly agrees with a soft beauty moment in the heart of so chic 7th arrondissement, on the 1st floor of so chic Bon Marché. At your manicures ...

Nails Ecological Bar Kure Bazaar
From May 30 to July 31, 2012, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche
1st floor of the store - 2, above the Grande Epicerie
24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 PARIS
Ecological Manicure - 25 Euros
Ecological Pedicure - 35 Euros


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