February 29, 2024

New Year evening: 2/3 of French people have dinner at the restaurant!

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the planet will pass in 2014. Many will take this opportunity to spend a festive evening. According to a survey conducted by LaFouchette.com, 46% of them say they want to party ... but after eating well (42%). Only 6% say they do not want to do anything to celebrate the new year. Through this survey, let's find out what the big trends are for this New Year's Eve party.


Rather table or buffet?
And if we looked more closely at expectations around meal ? The French seem attached to tradition and gastronomy. First of all, concerning the format of the meal, ¾ want to have a dinner served at the table rather than a cocktail or buffet.


Which menu?
Authentic holiday products remain the most popular. Foie gras, capon, sweets for dessert and champagne form the meal winner! Molecular, Asian and Oriental kitchens receive very little support for this occasion.

With family, friends, couples?
For 62% of respondents, the eve is a moment to share with friends. However, this year, 22% want to spend it as a couple, that's + 6% more than last year.


At home or at the restaurant?
Even if they prefer the New Year's Eve dinner organized at home or with friends (57%), the French confirm their unconditional commitment to the restaurant: 43% think that the ideal New Year's Eve is at the restaurant and this year, 2/3 of the French who are considering or would be tempted by a dinner at the restaurant! Nearly half of them say they are interested in a restaurant of a higher range than they are used to the rest of the year. For those who do not intend to go to the restaurant, half is ready to go anyway if a particularly interesting promotional offer presented.


What budget?
86% of French people plan to devote a large part of the budget allocated to this evening for the meal. Only 14% prefer to spend it to party. About 74% globally spend between 25 and 90 euros for dinner. But the novelty comes from those who want to spend less: while they were only 8% in 2012 to seek to spend less than 25 euros, they are now close to 14%.


Which star would you dream of spending the New Year?
On the artists' side, it is Jean Dujardin who wins all the votes. Among the TV presenters, it is Nagui who inspires most the voters and Sébastien Loeb for the sportsmen. On the chef side, it's the famous Cyril Lignac who motivates the most!

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