April 17, 2024

Nicole Richie and her bun piece

If she said one day she did not know how to put on her make-up, Nicole Richie on the contrary, master the art of hairdressing to perfection. The girl changes her haircut like stilettos and everything suits her. She thus sacrificed her long mane for a short dipping square before finding her long hair and her emblematic fringe then finally opting for a long fringed square more adult. Each time, we were packed and ready to go to the hairdresser to copy these new haircuts.

Nicole Richie also likes to change hair color regularly. But whether she is blonde or brunette, she is still pretty. It's a long time ago when Paris Hilton's ex-best friend had a bling-bling look or struggled with her weight problems. Today, she is a true trendsetter. We thus scrutinize her outings to discover what new hairstyle she has in store for us and draw inspiration from.

On the red carpet of the FIFI Fragrance Awards, Lincoln Center in New York, it was discovered with a huge bun piece mounted. A multi-storey hairstyle that would have been ridiculous on many of her sisters but is sublime on her, as always. Even her makeup is perfect and nicely puts her eyes in value. We bow to the mastery of Nicole Richie.

Fast Back Flip Nicole Richie Bun (April 2024)