April 17, 2024

On the Smile Route with Signal: kids love it!

For the second year in a row, Signal launched an awareness campaignhygiene oral care for children and adults. July 11, a bus in the colors of the famous brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes, was posted near the beaches of St Brevin the Ocean. He has since traveled to the Sables d'Olonne, gathering parents and children around informative and fun workshops.
At the entrance of the bus, to bait young and old, there is Signaline, a pretty gray mouse wearing a white coat and a red band around the eyes that gives it the appearance of a super-heroine. Clementine confirms: "She is too beautiful the mouse"and Hugo too:"You're so cute, you're so sweetThe mission of Signaline is accomplished, the children, intrigued, climb with parents and grandparents on the bus.
Inside, we listen, we learn, in short, we learn happily. There are dentists ... but they are not scary, they are even "friendly"According to Manon, there are also giant 3D toothbrushes and a puzzle of the mouth that fascinates the curious." The proof, for Chloe, "it's too good to know what's in your mouthAs for Leo, he is more pragmatic, "it changes puzzles of the house". Yes.
On the side of the photo studio in an oversized bathroom, it's the excitement, Gaspard "wants to continue to take pictures"while Mary"wants to take the toothbrush to have it at homeNever mind, the little girl will not be disappointed, because she will leave with a gift, just like her parents!

Chronixx - Smile Jamaica (Official Video) - prod. by Silly Walks Discotheque (April 2024)