August 14, 2022

Organic food and detox cuisine: 3 questions about bio-nutrition

If the caveman fed on plants, fruitsEggs and fish for many thousands of years ... Today, our diet has changed.

Food, pesticides and pollution
Some soils and rivers are polluted, pesticides are present in many foods, many imported products are exempt from regulation, and others are filled with additives and preservatives ... In short, we are far from the natural food of the Cro-Magnon man.

Yet these processed foods are part of our daily lives. For naturopaths, this is where the shoe pinches. According to them, this modern diet is harmful for the man. Worse, it would upset our cells, causing various diseases.
To preserve our health, naturopaths advise to return to a reasoned and healthier diet: bio-nutrition.

What is it?
Bio-nutrition consists first and foremost of eating organic, in order to limit the pesticide residues that pollute our body. It also recommends minimizing waste. For example, instead of throwing leeks green, use it to make your bouquet stuffed. In addition, many bio-nutrition enthusiasts appreciate sprouts. Responding to a desire to "eat alive".

Consume more fruits and vegetables, focus on fresh and locally produced foods, limit sugars, fat and meat... are some principles of bio-nutrition. It also involves betting on cooking methods, which generate less toxins for the body, such as steam cooking. Preserving vitamins and nutrients.

What effects for health?
According to the naturopaths, this mode of feeding makes it possible to be more resistant to the diseases, to increase the capacity of recovery, to improve the sleep, to develop less allergy, and to feel better in his body, become healthier.

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