August 16, 2022

Our advice to buy two without taking the head

The acquisition of a property for two is not quite like the purchase of a new coffee maker ... Everyone must listen to the expectations of the other, take the time to think before to make up their minds and, above all, to make the purchase decision together by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages.

For a balance, it is essential that you are all both on the same wavelength at the time of purchase, without one trying to influence the desires of the other. Because in case of conflict or problem, your partner will not hesitate to point out to you at the slightest argument: "Cyou insisted that we buy this rotten apartment! It's your fault..."

If you both fall for the same apartment: this is not a reason for you rush to the notary! Take care to visit at different times of the day to assess the noise, sunshine, neighborhood. Do not hesitate to take the advice of a professional about the state of the boiler, the evaluation of the work to do ... Beware of the scam, a significant point that can be a source of conflict when you will be trapped between these four walls!

Before buying, do not forget to check the Local Town Planning Plan at the town hall: it will inform you about future development programs of the area and especially, if your property is not located near a Flood zone...

On the financial side, if you are not legally married: some small adaptations are necessary during the purchase according to your respective situations ...
The financing and the evaluation of the loan with the bank remain the determining points at the time of the purchase. Know that if you are in free union, to calculate the total amount of the loan, your income will be taken into account separately, which will necessarily increase the repayment rate of your loan ... Some organizations accept joint loans.

Otherwise, to get around this problem, one can borrow and the other to stand surety: from the moment when your two names appear on the deed of sale, and in case of separation, you will be able to one and the Another claim your rights to your property.

Two solutions are available to you: the indivision and the tontine (SCI remains reserved for large housing estates).

The first solution, the simplest if you are not married it is indivision and PACS. The property is then necessarily under the regime of common property. Each owns a share, that is to say, calculated according to the financial contribution that will appear on the deed of sale. In case of separation, the property is resold and everyone recovers his share, calculated in proportion to his contribution. Either one redeems the other's share ...

The tontine system
The principle is to pool your capital for the acquisition of real estate and to include a clause in the deed of sale which stipulates that the property purchased for two will belong to the last survivor. The interest of this clause is the low rate taxation: barely 5% ...

Our advice
To embark on the great adventure of living together by buying a house should not prevent you from taking some precautions before buying. When closing the sale, it is important to specify the respective contribution of each, a point that is essential in case of separation.

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