October 27, 2021

"Patch to be in top shape": go for a cure of energy!

But no, this little book has nothing to do with the patches itself, except that it sticks quickly to the skin (and can addicted). There is a good chance, however, that this little guide will become your best friend because he wants you well.
This mini-coach encourages and supports you from morning to evening by offering tests, testimonials and a lot of practical information to be full of energy and good in your sneakers.
The author, Marie François, knows what she's talking about. Expert in the field, specialized journalist form and well being, she does not hesitate to share her beauty recipes, give her veins to "cope with stress", but also unveil his remedies to recharge his batteries illico. To motivate her troops, she deploys her energy to find good reasons to help them in their quest for energy. She unashamedly lists her "4 good reasons to do morning gym outdoors," or "her 10 good reasons to get started" in the sport ... How to resist?
But Marie François reminds us that "to be at the top of his formdoes not have to have energy from an electric battery. It is also to listen to oneself, to respect oneself, in short: to be in agreement with oneself ". If energy remains an excellent barometer to recognize its physical and mental limits, it is essential, however, to make efforts to cultivate it. And if, as the author says "we can not have the tone of a champion 7 days 7, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can instead make sure to defend its vitality.
"Patch to be in top form", written by Marie François, First Editions
Price: 6,90?

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