November 30, 2021

Paternity leave: instructions for use

... today, dads are more involved in the education of children.

There is the holiday maternity and paternity leave!

Since January 1, 2002, all dads are eligible for paternity leave. Dad can enjoy eleven consecutive days (18 for one pregnancy multiple). This paternity leave must be taken at one time and before the baby's four months. It is added to the three days of absence for birth paid by the employer and they can accumulate. Paternity leave can be changed for several reasons:

- hospitalization of the child at birth : the father can request the postponement of his paternity leave at the end of this hospitalization. If the child remains in the hospital beyond the sixth week after birth, the father has the opportunity to return to work and to postpone the remainder of his postnatal leave at the end of this hospitalization.

- the death of the mother : in this case, the father benefits from maternity postnatal and he can add paternity leave.

- the stillborn child : Dad can now claim paternity leave provided you provide your Sickness Insurance Fund with a copy of the lifeless child's act and a medical certificate of delivery of a child born dead and viable.

Which father is concerned about paternity leave?

This leave is intended for all salaried dads in case of birth and adoption: employees, civil servants, military, independent workers such as artisans, tradesmen, industrialists and liberal professions. He can benefit regardless of his family situation (marriage, PACS, common law, divorce or separation) and regardless of the place of birth or residence of your little blonde head.

A decree also allows vocational trainees and jobseekers to benefit from it. The latter must be in one of the following situations: to be compensated by Assedic, beneficiaries during the twelve months of an Assedic allowance or on cessation of paid employment for less than one year.

Continuing vocational training trainees paid by the State or the region and attached to the general health insurance scheme may claim a daily allowance paid by the State or the region.

What are the steps to obtain paternity leave?

The future father must send his application to his employer at least one month before the desired date of paternity leave ... by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. He must also specify the date of his return. Note that the employer must grant paternity leave but must be informed at least one month in advance. The future dad can not shift this holiday without his agreement. Exchange of good processes.

In addition to the salary certificate that your employer will send to the Health Insurance Fund for calculating your daily allowances, consider sending a copy of the birth certificate of the child or the booklet of the child. family update. If necessary, the father must also send a copy of the child's recognition certificate.

In case of misfortune, the father must transmit the copy of the lifeless child's act and a medical certificate of delivery of a child born dead and viable. It should be noted that the jobseeker must inform Assedic and the primary health insurance fund.

While on leave, dad ... how is he paid?

He is paid by the primary health insurance fund which pays the daily allowances. For jobseekers, cumulation is also not possible with unemployment benefits, the solidarity scheme. Regarding the trainee of continuing vocational training, he is also compensated. This daily allowance, guaranteed by the State or the region, is equal to 90% of the daily stipend. Paternity leave must begin during the internship period and then terminate before completion of the internship.

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